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No More…

Here is a parody of the NFL’s “No More” commercials featuring some familiar faces. Enjoy.

We’re fed up with our women. WE AS MEN CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES. Watch this parody video to understand the everyday struggle it is to deal with a woman.
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Hugh Murray on “Honest Dating Profiles”

Hugh Murray was asked to send in a video explaining himself and the NYC dating scene for a casting call. The television show will follow eligible NYC daters around and show the reality of the single life. Hugh, being the expert on dating (see Operation: Love here) covered what is really important. You know…murder, aids, dating dead people and knowing how to laugh. Check out the video. It’s 8 minutes long but worth a look.

Funny Fellas: Part 2


Check out the new video from Rob Civadanes and his “Funny Fellas” project. This video stars GIC’s good friend Terry McNeely and GIC’s very own Kristen Florio.

Funny Fellas

Here is a video created by Robert Civadanes. If you don’t believe, watch how many times his name appears on the video. Fast-forward to the 1:36 mark to get through all of the filler. It features some of Long Island’s funniest comedians. GIC’s own Tom Daddario is featured in this short. Also seen is Terry McNeely, Robert Civadanes and Paul Bond.

The video is a parody of Goodfellas about the stand up comedy scene. Check it out and enjoy!