Kathy Arnold

Kathy Arnold

Kathy Arnold

About Kathy: Kathy has been making audiences laugh for the past 12 years. There is a reason she has been called “the female Richard Lewis” and it’s because she captivates her crowd with a style of comedy that can be described as zany, kooky and maniacal. She likes to put the crowd in her reality which is often unbelievable, but as Kathy says “You can’t make this shit up.” Her comedy gets stirred up like a drink. Two parts of her down and out childhood, a splash of her broke lifestyle and a twist of why people make her angry. If you ask Kathy to leave the “F-bomb” out of her set, she will get tongue tied and exclaim how her father actually was a truck driver. I guess some things are hereditary. You can catch her at any of the well known comedy clubs on Long Island, NYC, Staten Island, Connecticut or New Jersey. Besides performing, Kathy produces her own shows with her company “Cheeseface Comedy.” On top of that, Kathy is also an actress. She has made appearances on “Makin It TV” and “The Jimmy Mack Show” as well as various web skits.

Follow Kathy on Twitter: @KathyArnold22

Subscribe to Kathy on YouTube: Kathy Arnold Comedy

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