Jeff Schaeffer

Jeff Schaeffer

Jeff Schaeffer

About Jeff: Jeff Schaeffer has been performing stand-up comedy off and on again for the past seven years. Most of his comedy heavy-lifting has been tested on the mean streets of Chicago. Now he has come back to Long Island, NY because of his love of open mics and bar shows. He is just your average thirty year-old guy who is terrible at being an adult. Jeff does put on his producer onesie from time to time and develops comedy shows (mostly in Suffolk County) under the “Comedy Incorporated” brand. When he is not on stage making people laugh, he is doing it over the airways. He is the creator and host of the award winning Man Cave Podcast. There, he interviews some of the biggest sports writers and adult stars in the world. They also talk about video games, movies, comics books and everything that a man could or would be interested in. Whether you are checking him out on stage, listening to him on the air or following him on twitter just make sure to GET INVOLVED.

Check out Jeff’s company on Facebook: Comedy Incorporated

Listen to Jeff’s Podcast: The Late Night Tonight Podcast

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @LateNight2Night

Subscribe to Jeff on YouTube: Jeff Schaeffer Comedy

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